About Us

Our journey begins with deep family roots, ancient soils and an old jar of beans. As fate would have it, my grandfather was killed in a car accident and while settling the estate my grandmother came across a jar of beans. Me being the next serious gardener of the lineage the jar was passed to me. The following Christmas my aunt gave me a book by William Woys Weaver . “The Heirloom Vegetable Gardener.” I contacted him and told him what was given to me and he was overwhelmed with excitement at finding beans in a jar from Lancaster County, Pa. When I met with him I poured all the beans out on the table and he read me the story of them, one of which was traded directly from Native Americans to Germanic colonist. Another was traded from freed African Americans or runaway slaves . Two of the beans we are still doing research on. And the one he saved for last he pressed into my hand and said that this bean had not been seen in 70 years. It was extinct!

After that seed saving became my passion. That passion became my way of life.

Happy Cat Farm now is a small sustainably operated Farm and Nursery that specializes in heirloom vegetable seeds, over 200 varieties of tomatoes, produce and heirloom transplants. We are dedicated to creating a business that profits people and a healthy environment. We also hope to help stabilize and promote the loss of heirloom seeds and our culture.

All of our seed packs are made from recycled paper, and the artwork is done by local artists. Everything else…and I mean everything else, is done by us here in Pennsylvania.