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Hori Hori

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    The Japanese Soil Knife or Hori Hori (translates to Diggy Diggy) It is just pretty bad ass!

    I really don't like to have lots of tools around, but this one is my favorite. The stainless blade is perfect for cutting, digging, dividing, planting, weeding. ! no really if orcs attacked my farm this is the tool I would have in my hand. I take it foraging to dig tubers and have used it as a axe to make a quick shelter while island hopping on a canoe trip.

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    1. I named mine Dokai, Weaver of Life

      He goes Snicker-Snack. on 17th Jul 2014

    2. Hori Hori is a MUST HAVE

      The Hori Hori tool is a must have for all gardeners, landscapers, and home owners. I am a professional landscaper and avid gardener. I use this tool frequently at home in the garden/yard and out on the job. It's my favorite tool for weeding, dividing and aggressively cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses. It is durable. I've had my Hori Hori for 4 years now and the blade is still sharp. The handle has also held up to the elements well as I have often left it outside for sometimes months on end. One Fall, I lost it in the compost pile. It resurfaced in the spring and was still good as new. You can't beat the price at Happy Cat. I recently purchased one as a gift for my brother in law who owns an organic farm. He loves it.

      Uses: weeding, planting, cultivating, dividing, cut backs, general self defense, increased badassery.
      on 5th Jan 2014

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