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Shiitake Mushroom Log

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    Mushroom Logs- We live in the mushroom capital of the world, so of course we are going to grow and forage for mushrooms. We are so lucky to have so much production here in Southeastern PA we can eat a wide range of mushrooms. Shiitakes are so easy to grow. I pretty much put a log anywhere I can.

    The secrets to successful log-grown shiitake mushroom production are shade and moisture. Your log has been inoculated with a strain of shiitake mushroom spawn, which will fruit both spring and fall in Southeastern PA. The time from when a log is inoculated, until it produces mushrooms, is called ‘spawn run’. With proper care, this log can be expected to fruit every 8-12 weeks for several years.

    Just keep your log in a shady, moist spot, such as a shrubby planting bed, and keep it moist. If there is a period of no rain, for more than a week, soak the log overnight in a container of water. It can lie on the ground, especially if the area is covered with mulch.

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    1. Shitake Mushroom Log

      I purchased this log for my son who lives in Portland, OR as they have plenty of moisture and they have mushrooms in the wild, but not Shitake Mushrooms. I received it along with some seed packets in perfect shape and it came with a set of instructions. It's in his garden in Portland and we're just waiting for the mushrooms to come up! on 15th Jan 2014

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